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GAMING HEADS Fallout Vault Boy Bobblehead 7 Pack

Fallout: Vault Boy Bobblehead Series One 7 Pack

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Gaming Heads is proud to present a new range of collectible Vault-Tec® Vault Boy Bobbleheads from Fallout® 3! Series One includes Strength, Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons, Perception, Endurance, Lock Pick and Repair.

Each bobblehead is good for 10 Skill Points or 1 Statistic Point. Increase may not exceed level 100 (skills) or level 10 (stats). By using a bobblehead, you agree to exempt Vault-Tec from all responsibility, warranted or otherwise, for any side-effect or usage, intended or otherwise, of this product. All points are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, so plan accordingly. Failure for this bobblehead to increase your stats is almost certainly your fault, and cannot be held against Vault-Tec or its subsidiaries. 

Comes in a collectible window box and is made of high quality PVC. 

Size: 5" Tall

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