Lord of the Rings: Boromir Sixth Scale Figure

Lord of the Rings: Boromir Sixth Scale Figure

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Sixth Scale Figure by ASMUS

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This version of Boromir by ASMUS has "rooted" hair instead of sculpted hair. Much nicer!


· Asmus Toys KP01A+ male body
· Approximately 29.5 cm tall
· Over 32 points of articulation


· An authentic likeness of actor from the film.
· One pair of relaxed posture hands
· One pair of weapon holding hands
· One pair of fist posture hands

Special features on Clothing:

· One elfish cape with leaf pin
· One pair of red velvet long sleeved undervest
· One pair of long underpants
· One blue leather robe
· One Godorian belt with sword sheath
· One pair of black boots
. One pair of Gondor vambraces
. One Boromir's patterned velvet cape

Special features in weapons:

· One Boromir's shield
. One single-handed long sword
. One small dagger
· One horn of Gondor


· One Asmus Toys figure stand