Lord of the Rings: Theoden Sixth Scale Figure

Lord of the Rings: Theoden Sixth Scale Figure

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Sixth Scale Figure by Asmus

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The THEODEN Sixth Scaled Figure features:

Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Theoden from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

• Asmus Toys KP+ 1.0 male body
• Approximately 30 cm tall
• Over 32 points of articulation


• One pair of relaxed posture hands
• One pair of weapon holding hands
• One pair of fist posture hands

Special features on Clothing:

• One pair of dark red sleeved blazer
. One pair of green pattern collar blazer
• One pair of long underpants

Special features in armor:

• One Theoden’s helmet
• One full body armor including shoulder pieces
• One pair of forearm band
• One pair of fish-scaled armor skirt
• One pair of calf piece
• One pair of braced boots (enhanced ankle joint)

Special features in weapons:

• One Herugrim (die-cast)
• One sheath including belt
• One Theoden’s shield


• One Asmus Toys figure stand