Battlestar Galactica: Raptor Bomber Jacket

Battlestar Galactica: Raptor Bomber Jacket

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This version of the BSG Bomber Jacket is for those who proudly pilot the wranglers of the Colonial Fleet.

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This version of the BSG Bomber Jacket is for those who proudly pilot the wranglers of the Colonial Fleet. (Often times to save Viper jocks who've fouled up their planes!) The Raptor version features Raptor-style patches, including (for the first time) the placement of the 7th Battleaxe patch on an officially licensed item! As an added bonus, this jacket has a nod back to William Adama's younger days. Oh, and did we mention that this (unlike Lee's Viper Bomber) has the Galactica patch and cut corner pocket flaps?

Designed using original jacket base, same as the one used for the Lee Adama bomber jacket from the series finale flashback sequences.
Constructed from 65% polyester and 35% cotton with 100% polyester inside liner.
Fully lined and designed to be a completely functional jacket. Lining features extra insulation with accurate cross hatching pattern.
Four large front pockets to accommodate wallets, phones, aviator sunglasses, and more!
Featuring cut-corner pocket flaps!
Hidden pocket inside of jacket (on the left hand side) for smaller items with zipper.
Zipper that completely closes to the top and elastic waist and wrist banding for maximal warmth containment.
Brown in color to signify its association with the Raptors, which were also brown.
Patches manufactured using original artwork from the show (Raptor, Galactica and Battleaxe).
Galactiguised military patches similar in the style to those seen on Lee Adama jacket, yet using production-created artwork pieces for "Galactiguisation" process.
"SAR" (Search and Rescue) Pilot Speciality Patch utilizing an earlier, unused version of the Raptor Pilot Flight Wings from Miniseries pre-production artwork.
"Wild Weasel / Toaster Slayer" patch utilizing production artwork.
Charcoal gray/black "ring and Colonial Phoenix" logo silkscreened on right chest pocket for better durability, as opposed to the simple iron-on transfer that was used on the original jacket.