John Wick 3: Arabic Blood Oath Marker Set

John Wick 3: Arabic Blood Oath Marker Set

Price: $ 49.95

Prop Replica by Chronicle

"Two rules, Jonathan - no blood on Continental grounds, and every marker must be honored…it's what separates us from the animals."

A blood oath marker is more than a promise, and greater than a vow.  It's an inviolate symbol of a debt that is owed.  Once your thumbprint seals the bond, then a part of your life has been surrendered, given over to another until your oath is fulfilled.  It's a sacrament in which none would engage on a whim.  Refusal to honor the marker means death. 

With a $14 million dollar bounty on his head, John Wick needs all the help he can get and calls in a blood oath marker from an old friend.

Chronicle Collectibles proudly presents the Arabic Blood Oath Marker replica from John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum.  Recreated from the screen-used prop and crafted from a metal alloy, this replica showcases the aesthetic variety that exists in artifacts from the various regions of the underworld that John Wick struggles to escape. 

Officially licensed John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum collectible
Designed and Manufactured under license by Chronicle Collectibles
Created using the screen-used props
Limited Edition 
Materials: Metal alloy
Dimensions: 3" in diameter
Includes 4 Continental Coins