John Wick Chapter 2: Blood Oath Marker Set

John Wick Chapter 2: Blood Oath Marker Set

Price: $105.00

1Prop Replica by Chronicle Collectibles

“Quod Debitum Sanquine”

Chronicle Collectibles is proud to announce our partnership with Summit Entertainment, a Lionsgate Company to bring to life the Blood Oath Marker Set from John Wick: Chapter 2. See it for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con® at the Chronicle Collectibles booth #3229! This set includes a 1:1 prop replica of the Blood Oath Marker and 4 gold Continental coins.

The Blood Oath Marker and Continental Coins were cast directly from the screen used props. This set was designed in conjunction with Lionsgate Entertainment.

NOTE: The Blood Oath Marker’s hinge will allow it to open at a maximum of approximately 45 degrees.
Limited Edition Size: 1000 units