CMC Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B #19 1938 Le Mans

CMC Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B #19 1938 Le Mans

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CMC Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B #19 1938 Le Mans

"Super Model of the Year Winner 2015"  

And another prize for CMC !Modellfarhzeug Magazine, awarded the "Oscars for model cars" in Berlin ! 

This year, CMC received the very coveted award "Super Model of the Year 2015 ", (each category combined) for the 1938 Alfa-Roméo 8C 2900B Coupé Speciale Touring Le Mans version at 1/18 scale !

1938 Alfa–Romeo 8C 2900 B Le Mans #19

For the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1938, the racing department of Alfa newly founded "Alfa Corte" was particularly motivated; they wanted the win! A 8C 2900 B with special bodywork and a performance engine should allow this project.

The renowned coachbuilder Fa. Touring you can customize in the famous lightweight Superleggera as an aerodynamically shaped knowledge, closed body (Berlinetta). As a result, there is a stunning and yet very futuristic Released by Bolide ready for the start.

The experienced team of drivers for long haul Renne, Raymond Sommer and Clemente Biondetti went with the starting number. 19 in the race battle at La Sarthe. Never before in the Le Mans racing history, a vehicle has the race as dominant and superior dominated as the 8C 2900 B Speciale.

In the 20th hour of the race led the Alfa Corte - team already with 11 laps or about 160 Km edge over the entire competition the field, burst than at top of right front tire. 

Pilot Raymond Sommer was able to intercept the car, keep on track and reach the boxes. There was found that tire parts have damaged the engine mount and engine oil was lost. Nevertheless, Clemente Biondetti dared still as a leading team once again back on track, but he had after only two rounds finally give up with valve damage. 

Thus ended one second to the other one already sure Felt victory in disaster. 

Le Mans 1938 was the only appearance of the 8C 2900 B Speciale with the Touring Superleggera body.