Captain Han Solo Hoth With Tauntaun

Captain Han Solo Hoth With Tauntaun

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Hiding and freezing on the wretched ice cube of Hoth doesn't sit well with the smuggler's disposition, so when when Rebel Commander Luke Skywalker goes missing during a routine patrol, Solo has no choice but to leap onto the back of an ill-fated tauntaun and go out after him. Fully equipped with a blaster pistol, macrobinoculars, droid caller, and portable life scanner, he's willing to risk everything on a rescue mission to find his friend and save the day.

Sideshow Collectibles presents the Han Solo with Tauntaun sixth scale set.

Sixth Scale Prometheus Body
Detailed Portrait with Headgear and goggles
Detailed Hooded Brown Parka with rank badge
Detailed Cold Weather garments
Two scarves
Belt with pistol holster and detachable droid caller
Two part sculpted boots
Binoculars with fabric strap
Life scanner with both retracted and extended antennae
DL-44 Blaster (Han Version)
Right Trigger Hand, Right C-Grip Hand, Right Large C-Grip, Right Reach Hand, Left Fist, Left C-Grip, Left Large C-Grip, Left Reach Hand,
Sculpted Snow environment
Base Hugger Figure Support Base

Sure-footed and ready to ride across the frozen wastelands, the intricately detailed tauntaun comes equipped with hand-crafted fabric harness, saddle, and survival gear. Interchangeable expressions bring out the distinct personality of the snow-lizard, and two sets of horns allow collectors to identify which Rebel soldier she belongs to. Displayed on a museum-quality sculpted Hoth tundra environment base.

TWO (2) Detailed interchangeable portraits with different expressions Interchangeable horn sets allowing display as either Luke or Han's tauntaun
Detailed fabric saddle and harness elements
Saddle pouches and rolled blankets
Sculpted canisters Fabric binocular pouch
Sculpted binoculars
Hoth Environment Base

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