Coelophysis - Green Version

Coelophysis - Green Version

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Statue by Damtoys

Dinosaurs are the most prominent species in the prehistoric world.

Coelophysis is a small, carnivorous, bipedal dinosaur in North America. It is one of the earliest known dinosaurs and the second to have entered space. With research-based accuracy, the Damtoys design team brings you the visual image of the statue, where we imagined the Coelophysis having just caught a prey in the woods since its favorite food is lizards. Having designed this on accurate basis, we likewise offer two color renderings.

About the Coelophysis

Name: Coelophysis
Classification: Coelurus bauri
Period: Late Triassic Period
Distribution: North America
Diet: Carnivorous
Size: 2-3 m long
Weight: 30-50 kg

Product Size: 16.77" H (425.96mm) x 8.26" W (209.8mm) x 9.84" L (249.94mm)*
Product Weight: 10.53 lbs (4.78 kg)

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