The Batking

The Batking

Price: $799.95

Deposit: $200.00
Estimated ship date: April 2017

Quarter Scale Statue by GANTAKU


After over 12 months of development. The newly formed sculpture manufacturer, Gantaku of Japan has joined forces with internationally renowned 3D artist Caleb Nefzen, and brings you “THE BATKING”. Caleb (design artist sculptor of XM Studios, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, Threezero) spent numerous hours on the design, incorporating the bat element and the legendary Viking element to bring you this magnificent product of perfection. 

Concept & Vision:

Wielding the axe in one hand, shield in another, covered in heavy armor fromhead to toe. The Bat King fully embodies the fierceness of the legendary Vikings, covered with the snow of the battlefield, that you only find in the Nordic regionduring that time. Arrows of enemiespenetrate his body, his bat wing may seem worn from the countless battles he has fought, his blood may be spilled...

But the viking spirit will live on, Until The End..


Package: 116x67x39cm
Dimension: 128x52x56cm (base included)
Weight: 19.5KG
Original 3D design: Caleb Nefzen
Prototype&Painting: Gantaku
Manufacturer: Gantaku

Quantity: Only 600 limited sculptures available world-wide.

***NOTE: This item is heavy and ships from overseas. SHIPPING WILL BE HIGHER, please inquire for details!***