The Incredible Hulk Transformation Statue

The Incredible Hulk Transformation Statue

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Quarter Scale Statue designed by JEFFREY HSIAO

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The Incredible Hulk Transformation 1/5 Scale Diorama Statue is sculpted by the talented Noppakhao Nakarmdee and depicts a unique, beautiful art direction never done for the Hulk in statue form where the scientist Bruce Banner transforms into the indestructible, raging green monster The Incredible Hulk! With a light up base, clear resin effects and a nameplate, this unique one a kind piece will surely grab the attention in your collection!


Edition Size Limited to 40 Pieces Worldwide
1/5 scale, clear resin effects, light function, base art sticker label and nameplate.
Dimensions: Width 24" Height 25"
Sculpted by: Noppakhao Nakarmdee
Art design: Jeffrey Hsiao and Noppakhao Nakarmdee
Includes Art box and Black foam fitted packaging with Velcro straps
Pre-painted ready to display and produced by one of the best factories

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