Smithsonian's T-Rex Full Scale Fossil Skull

Smithsonian's T-Rex Full Scale Fossil Skull

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Full Scale Replica by Master Replicas

NOTE: This item is made to order and we expect 4 weeks for delivery. This ships by freight only. We will invoice you for freight when item is ready to ship.

This new replica has been in development for literally millions of years!

We have worked over the last year to produce 3D models from theSmithsonian’s T. rexskull scan-file for reproduction. From these 3-D scans, we rapid prototype them for molding. These are not sculptures. They are as close to owning the real fossil from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. as you can get!

These are being produced and sold as 1/10th-scale, 1/4-scale, 1/2-scale, and full-size replicas. For reference, the full-size replica measures approximately 58 inches long and 40 inches tall!

The Nation’s T. rex full-scale skull replicas include a display/support system.A name/data plaque and large tri-fold with certificate of authenticity is included with every replica.

These are produced here in the USA and cast in extremely strong and durable resin, so each replica's weight will be surprisingly manageable. The full-sized skull casting will come in at only about 60 pounds.

We think that any respectable recreation room or company lobby needs a full-sizeNations’s T. rex skull on display! Now you can obtain an incredible replica that is fully authorized and sourced directly from the originalSmithsonian asset.

Available for pre-order:

Approximately 58 inches (L) x 35 inches (W) x 40 inches (H)