TMMT: Donatello Quarter Scale Statue

TMMT: Donatello Quarter Scale Statue

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Quarter Scale Statue by Pop Culture Shock (PCS)

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“I can’t keep fighting alien technology with a six-foot staff.”

Bossa Nova! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles presents the Donatello 1:4 Scale Statue, joining the lineup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles.

The Donatello Statue measures 17” tall, wielding his bo staff with a grimace on his face as he stands atop wreckage of one of the Technodrome's defense robots from Dimension X.

This dynamic statue captures the cartoony style of the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, complete with a vibrant paint scheme and sculpted muscles that bring this hero in a half-shell to life! The Donatello Statue features his signature purple bandana and arm bands along with a belt and buckle with his initial. Pair Donatello with the Raphael 1:4 Scale Statue from PCS Collectibles and bring home these butt-kicking bros to fight the Foot and other foes in your collection.

Bring some awesome turtle power to your collection with the Donatello Statue from PCS Collectibles today!


Mike Najera (Paint)
Bryon Webster (Art Direction)
Miguel Argueta (Mold and Cast)
John Cleary (Sculpt)

Product Size: Height: 17" (431.8 mm) | Width: 14" (355.6 mm) | Depth: 13" (330.2 mm)