Street Fighter: Evil Ryu Third Scale Exclusive

Street Fighter: Evil Ryu Third Scale Exclusive

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Third Scale Statue by Pop Culture Shock (PCS)

The only character to appear in every Street Fighter game and every crossover. Capcom’s unofficial mascot and ambassador for other media. The irrefutable star of the #1 fighting game in history. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to present their very first 1:3 scale statue of Ryu, one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in all of gaming.

“In a franchise full of flashy, colorful characters, Ryu is simple and uncomplicated. White gi, red gloves and a red headband. That’s it. You can step into any dojo on the planet and find people dressed like Ryu,” said Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock. “And that’s what ranks him up there with icons like Superman and Captain America, characters that prove greatness comes to people because they are humble, kind and respectful, not despite it. By appearance he might look like any one of us, but by forbearance he represents the best of us.”

Edition Size : 350 pieces
Size : 29″(73cm) tall
Includes : LED eye function, Tailored fabric costume, Removable bamboo display pieces and certificate of authenticity.