Optimus Prime Classic Scale Statue

Optimus Prime Classic Scale Statue

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Statue by Pop Culture Shock (PCS)

Optimus Prime is the strong, wise and compassionate leader of the AUTOBOTS. Dedicated to protecting all life, he fights unceasingly to defeat the DECEPTICONS. Optimus Prime believes so strongly in the righteousness of his mission that he would be willing to sacrifice himself to save the lives of others. A seasoned veteran and scholar, Optimus Prime is respected throughout the universe as a champion of peace.

PCS Collectibles is proud to present the Optimus Prime Classic Scale Statue which features meticulously detailed paint applications to recreate the look of the animated series as it’s never been done before.

Optimus Prime stands approximately 10 1/2" tall (13" tall with swap out Energy Axe arm attached) and features swap out parts to offer collectors multiple display options.