Mortal Kombat Klassic: Sub-Zero Third Scale Statue

Mortal Kombat Klassic: Sub-Zero Third Scale Statue

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Third Scale Statue by Pop Culture Shock

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The Sub-Zero Statue has been is crafted by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles in hyper-detail using the most modern (and some archaic) sculpting techniques.

Sub-Zero, also known as Bi-Han, clocks in at a staggering 28″ tall. Painstaking workmanship was poured into the piece, including tailored fabric costume, light-up LED features and an icy tundra base as well as some added extras like an LED light-up ice projectile and the brutal Spine Rip Fatality, so you can decide the level of gore you want your piece to display.

A true Kombatant needs this in their Kollection!

The Sub-Zero Statue specially features:

28" tall
LED Ice Ball
Spine Rip Fatality
Icy Tundra Base