Star Wars ANH: CZ-3 Life-Sized Prop Replica Bust

Star Wars ANH: CZ-3 Life-Sized Prop Replica Bust

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Life-Sized Replica by Regal Robot

Regal Robot is proud to present our life-sized CZ-3™ prop replica bust! For this 1:1 recreation, we worked with a scan of the original droid™ costume to faithfully reproduce the wonderfully organic asymmetry present in the original prop sculpted by legendary film artist, Brian Muir for Star Wars: A New Hope™. Read more about the creation of this bust in the “character story” below!

Each bust and plaque are hand numbered in this limited edition of 50 pieces.
1:1 to the original prop. Includes a stand for an approximate height of 30″ and 21″ without the removable antenna.
Developed with a 3D scan and extensive, first-hand examination of the original prop.
Hand detailed and weathered by our New York FX team, making each a unique work of art.
Made in the U.S.A.
Includes Regal Robot COA

Character Story

“When it comes to Star Wars, inspiration can always be found in the details. The depth of the development of that galaxy far, far away rewards fans with such a wonderfully diverse set of characters, aliens and droids. To me, sometimes the obscure characters can be the most intriguing! CZ-3 captured my imagination as a child and quickly became one of my favorite droid designs. We first glimpsed the droid in the Jawa™ Sandcrawler™ (and eventually in the palace of Jabba the Hutt™) but we get our best look at this character as he shambled down the Mos Eisley™ streets. While most fans look at our heroes making a landspeeder™ sale, I stared at that droid and all the layers of weathering and giant drips of grease that implied a backstory we’d yet to hear.

As a fan of the making of our favorite films, I feel very fortunate that we had the chance to get hands-on and up-close with that original prop costume in our work to bring this replica to life. Our team spent hours examining, photographing and measuring the droid costume worn in the original trilogy and used high-detail laser scanning to capture every detail of the suit. Using that scan, we have faithfully reproduced the wonderfully organic asymmetry in the costume’s mask, originally sculpted by legendary film sculptor Brian Muir, and a bit of the bib area and collar to help turn this into a great overall character display. We went through great lengths to maintain the integrity of the scan and vintage details to create the ultimate replica of this droid. Gordon Tarpley handled that digital task beautifully and I personally distressed the paint masters for these editions. Our New York team is now prepping to produce this super limited run and hand paint each piece, capturing that classic Star Wars look and feel with layers of aging and weathering.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this and for your interest in what we do here at Regal Robot. We’re proud to present this faithful 1:1 replica CZ-3 droid bust and are looking forward to seeing it in the hands and homes of discerning Star Wars collectors!”

– Tom Spina (Regal Robot founder)

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