Batman Pewter Figurine

Batman Pewter Figurine

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Pewter Figurine by ROYAL SELANGOR

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Royal Selangor, in collaboration with DC Comics, has announced an inaugural collection spotlighting the Dark Knight and Gotham City’s greatest villains.

Based on Jim Lee's comic style, Royal Selangor has commissioned Malaysian artist Alan Quah to bring the Batman mythos to life. Founder of Komikaki Studio, he has worked on projects for Capstone, Heroverse, DC Comics and Titan Comics.

Gripping his Batarang tightly, the Dark Knight is ready to swoop down from the stone gargoyle and strike criminals that prowl the city streets. His powerful presence is meticulously captured through his defined muscularity, dramatic folds of his wind swept cape and detailed texture of his suit and armor. The fine detailing of the 9-inch pewter figurine is accentuated through polishing and buffing.

Product Size: 9.25" H (234.95mm) x 8.26" W (209.8mm)