DC Comics: Lobo Sixth Scale Figure

DC Comics: Lobo Sixth Scale Figure

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Sideshow's Sixth Scale Lobo represents an amazing step forward in product detailing#^# utilizing many newly sculpted pieces.

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"The Main Man's word is his bond."

It takes a special kind of guy to wipe out his entire race because he was bored - that guy is Lobo, so if you want to get in on Sideshow's latest release in the DC Sixth Scale collection you'd better act fast. 

An intergalactic, well, bounty-hunter might not be the right word for it so let's go with badass, Lobo has come across some of the DC universes greatest heroes and villains with nothing but his loyal Dawg, trusty space hog, and panache for extreme violence. Woe be unto the being that threatens his beloved dolphins. 

Sideshow's Sixth Scale Lobo represents an amazing step forward in product detailing, utilizing many newly sculpted pieces. 

The Lobo Collectible Figure features:

• Detailed portrait of the Main Man himself
• Uniquely sculpted aesthetic torso and arms to show that he's been working out
• One pair of clenched fists
• Another pair of hands to grip his pistol
• One hand designed to grab his signature hook
• Fabric costuming that includes a faux leather vest made from faux space cows (the vest features the classic "Bite Me Fanboy" patch and exactly the right amount of flair - Bigfoot, dolphin, Dawg, and Parental Advisory pins)
• Boots that would make Kiss envious 

Lobo also comes armed with:

• His pistol
• His hook with metal chain

Don't miss the chance to add the Lobo Sixth Scale Figure to your DC Comics collection!