Court of the Dead: Queen Gethsemoni's Crown

Court of the Dead: Queen Gethsemoni's Crown

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Life-Size Replica by Sideshow

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“A crown is a ploy; the ultimate misdirection. It is a symbol in which others see what they wish… affording the wearer the opportunity to become whatever is necessary to accomplish her intent."

Gaze upon the regal headdress of Gethsemoni, Queen of the Dead, and prepare to be astonished. Sideshow introduces Queen Gethsemoni’s Crown Life-Size Replica.

Gethsemoni is not your typical queen. One of the Alltaker’s original creations, she is also his lover, mother to all the beings in the Underworld, and leader of the Faction of Flesh. What better way to symbolize the reigning maternal force in the Land of the Dead than with a twisted token inspired by the cradle of humanity - the mortal pelvis bone?

This extremely complicated design was an epic feat to produce.

"The crown was challenging in that it had to be designed to be mold-able in three parts for ease of casting,” explained sculptor Jeff Yagher. "This meant that it had to be jointed in three places. With the weight of the large flared-out hip bones that adorn the piece, the leverage of those bones kept pulling on the thin rim of the crown - we call it the 'torque'."

"To solve this problem I had to build the rim of the crown out of super strong epoxy putty over a very thin steel armature,” Yagher said. "The main joint at the rear of the piece was a sort of coccyx-sacrum bone fitted with pegs that would lock the rim together while disguising the joint. It was my favorite piece of engineering on this project."

The Queen Gethsemoni’s Crown Life-Size Replica is an elaborate accomplishment worthy of a queen! In addition to its elegant and innovative engineering, the crown is sculpted in exquisite detail. The crown’s surface is peppered with eerily realistic bone texture mixed with haunting skeletal faces.

As the often-misquoted line from Shakespeare goes: Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. Pay homage to the most unsettling queen of all time by adding the Queen Gethsemoni’s Crown Life-Size Replica to your Court of the Dead collection.

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