Street Fighter V: Zangief Action Figure

Street Fighter V: Zangief Action Figure

Price: $94.95

Deposit: $10.00
Estimated ship date: August 2017

1/12 Scale Action Figure by STORM COLLECTIBLES

Storm Collectibles presents their new upcoming Street Fighter V Action Figure - ZANGIEF! Zangief is one of the most popular, iconic, biggest and most powerful characters in the Street Fighter Series. Zangief’s fighting style is a mix of Russian and American pro wrestling including his iconic move; the Cyclone Lariat and the new critical art in SFV, the Bolshoi Russian Suplex.

"My iron body is invincible! So beware!” - Zangief SFV

Set includes:

3 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts  
5 x Pairs of Interchangeable Palms
2 x Cyclone Lariat Effect
1 x Stand with Street Fighter V Logo

Product size: Approx 8.4"