Star Wars: Imperial Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet 2.0

Star Wars: Imperial Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet 2.0

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Full Scale, wearable replica by ANOVOS

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Utilizing the best features of the various helmets made for the Classic Star Wars trilogy, this offering consists of the following features:
Gloss black ABS construction.
Distinctive asymmetry, an artifact of the hand-sculpted screen-used Imperial Stormtrooper pieces created for the original production of 1977’s STAR WARS™ EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE, with replicated hand-painted style decoration.
Flat silver lenses for optimum visibility. 
Aesthetic details replicated from existing artifacts. 
Assembled and finished helmet that's ready to wear out of the box.
Adjustable helmet padding to accommodate most head sizes up to US size 8.

This latest run is based off of the revised version of the Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet, so it contains all of the structural upgrades including include more accurate aerator screens and improved trimming and assembly.