McFarlane Spider-Man Back in Black Version

McFarlane Spider-Man Back in Black Version

Price: $1,379.00

Deposit: $400.00
Estimated ship date: August 2018

Statue by Tiger J Customs

The ultimate McFarlane Spider-Man statue uses the backdrop of Chrysler building as the base and shows Green Goblin remote controlling his glider as a weapon thrust at Spider-Man along with pumpkin bombs thrown all around while the web crawler dodges the attacks with his superior spider dexterity.

This was meticulously sculpted from the textured classic costume to the modernized goblin glider and pumpkin bombs to the beautiful Chrysler building base. The true style of McFarlane costume and pose is finally done accurately to the last minute detail.

All statues will be prepainted by factory and ready to display.

*Note: Keep in mind these are renderings and so the lighting and coloring you see are digitally made and thus production will not be exactly accurate to rendering.

Item Contents:

1. Spider-Man statue with masked head.
2. Chrysler building base with Goblin Glider and smoke effect. Building base spotlight on top of eagle head will have light function. Inside building light function remains to be seen during production if can be done.
3. Spider-Man web lines.
4. Pumpkin bombs. Pumpkin bombs to have UV paint treatment enabling it to glow in the dark.
5. Nameplate unique for both versions.
6. Alternate switch out damaged head unique for both versions.
7. Mini-Bust holding the alternate switch out heads unique for both versions.
8. Base art print, black foam fitted packaging with Velcro straps and brown shipper box will be included.

Statue Dimensions:

Width - 21"
Height - 25"
Depth - 27"

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