Greek Myth Medusa by Wei Ho

Greek Myth Medusa by Wei Ho

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Statue by Yamato USA

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Yamato's Greek Myth Collection is known for its goddess figures but this is the first ever that looks like a creature, very famously known as Medusa.

Through darkened ruins and statues she stirs, crushing ancient bones beneath her serpentine body as she hunts her prey. Part woman, part snake and what had once been long flowing hair is now a nest of angry vipers that hiss and spit as she quietly slithers among the headless statues of mortal fools who dared seek their fortune; but only found their death. Forever cursed by the goddess Athena; Medusa was once a beautiful woman, what remains now is a terrible visage that none dare look upon, lest they turn to stone… and now, she’s found you! Look not into her eyes and avoid her hateful gaze… for if you do not, you will be forever added among her headless garden of statues, a victim of her fury!